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About Us

ExclusiveRose was created with a single purpose in mind - to create stunning bespoke jewelry that's just as unique as the person it's made for.

Are you a bride looking for a unique custom piece for your wedding?

A teenager that needs a stylish hairpiece for senior prom?

A lady who needs an elegant hair accessory for a black-tie event?

Or maybe someone who just wants to look stylish and unique on a daily basis?

It's all about luxury. We're here to offer you a boutique experience, paired with a truly personalized piece that makes you look and feel uniquely beautiful, regardless of the occasion.

Our Story

We began making bespoke jewelry with semi-precious stones for local European clients. After which, we made our first crown and the rest is history - or should we say "fairy tale"?

After years of being very successful on a local level, we were asked to create custom hairpieces for well-known European designers and it was a matter of time until we started getting orders from all parts of the world. It was then that we decided it was time to expand and begin selling internationally. 

Meet our designer

Rosie Harrington

Having over 15 years of experience in creating truly bespoke masterpieces, Rosie is an exceptional designer with an eye for beauty and an unmatched sense of style.
She draws inspiration from everything that's beautiful or mystical - whether that may be the vibrant colors and patterns in nature, the awe-inspiring mystery of distant constellations, or the long-forgotten legends of ancient goddesses.
Every piece she creates is made with care, love, and the utmost attention to detail. The handmade nature of her work ensures each piece is truly unique and made-to-order.
Over the years, she has brought joy to thousands of ladies who decided to trust her with the task of turning their special day into an unforgettable one. After enjoying the style and beauty of her pieces, most say she has a magic touch and it may be a coincidence, but feedback from clients revealed that they have been very well off and enjoying their life and marriage.
She loves traveling the world and getting to know different cultures and their cuisine and traditions. In her free time, she also enjoys doing interior design and modeling custom furniture.

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