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Jewelry and hair accessories in red - Goddess Freya

Jewelry and hair accessories in red - Goddess Freya
Jewelry and hair accessories in red - Goddess Freya

Take a look at our elegant jewelry and hair accessories in red. We’ve carefully designed a selection of lovely hair accessories and jewelry that will help you look stunning during any event. Ideal for prom, ball events, and photo shoots.

This stylish and slightly asymmetrical bracelet is the stunning addition your attire needs, regardless of the occasion. It was designed to complement the headpieces from our “Royal Red” series, but can also be worn independently.When ordering, we encourage you to send us the circumference of your wr..
A gently handcrafted necklace that combines delicate Preciosa beads, beautiful red Swarovski crystals, and handmade metal leaves. Our necklaces are made-to-order which means we can adjust their length according to your needs. All of our necklaces can be made with a clasp or with a ribbon, for a..
A remarkably spectacular tiara in fiery bright red hues with a light golden accent. The AB effect Swarovski crystals create an exceptional shine that’s gently complemented with delicate handmade leaves. This tiara can also be worn as a small crown since the leaves on one or both sides can be slightl..
This hair vine is a spectacular combination of golden Preciosa beads and bright red Swarovski crystals. It’s perfect for almost any hairstyle, including updos, loose hair, half up half down hair, and ponytails. This artistic model is suitable for formal, semi-formal, and cocktail attire. Our designe..
A luxurious asymmetrical hair comb combines the beautiful glimmer of red Swarovski crystals with elegant handmade leaves to create an astounding floral effect, gently complemented by Preciosa beads. This headpiece is a part of Rosie Harrington’s signature “Goddess Freya” collection.If your hairstyle..
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