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Evening Black Swarovski Crystal Hair Comb - Onyx Elegance

Evening Black Swarovski Crystal Hair Comb - Onyx Elegance
Evening Black Swarovski Crystal Hair Comb - Onyx Elegance
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  • Model: Onyx Elegance - NYX Collection

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An elegant branching black hair comb with Swarovski crystals adorned with first-class natural onyx and Japanese Toho beads. An ideal headpiece to wear at prom, black-tie events, ball events, and photoshoots. 

If your hairstyle calls for a longer hairpiece, we can make it longer on one or both sides of the hair comb. This model allows you to slightly bend the crystal branches to your liking. If you'd like us to make this piece in a different color, please contact us before ordering.

You can order your hair comb headpiece with hair pins or other jewelry from the same collection for a truly glamorous look. 

The "Goddess Nyx" collection was inspired by the greek goddess. She's a symbol of the night, a personification of magic and feminine power. According to Greek mythology, she was the only god that could intimidate Zeus. The headpieces and jewelry from this collection are meant for strong and magnetic women who can influence even the most confident man. The crystals' dramatic black shade is paired with the deep, dark hue of natural Onyx beads and first-class glass pearls. If you wish, we can also incorporate graphite-colored crystals.

Upon receiving your piece, you can slightly adjust the jewelry wire to accommodate it to your hairstyle or to give it some more width or height.

For more information, please have a look at our Policies and FAQ.

CrystalsSwarovski "Jet" black crystals
BeadsJapanese Toho beads, First-class natural onyx beads
Jewelry wire colorBlack
Base7.5 - 8 cm black metal comb base

Designed by Rosie and then skillfully made by hand, with immense attention to detail. Due to its bespoke nature, everything we make has slight unique variations, which ensures you'll receive a truly unique piece that no other person possesses.

Our products come in beautiful signature boxes which make a stunning gift but are also very important when it comes to taking proper care of your custom piece. Due to their handmade nature, they can easily last a lifetime if kept properly. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Keep away from children;
  • Don't use water or chemicals to wash your piece - using a soft cloth is usually enough to get rid of any dust.
  • Don't drop the piece or tug any of its elements.
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